The Concept behind VISConti

Experience has taught the partners that discussions about building bridges between schools and enterprise will never develop into a permanent interaction unless one goes beyond sporadic and periodical initiatives as is mostly the case today in the VET sector.

VISConti is all about creating a common area of discussion and active interaction between school and enterprise in a stronger sense than usual when one speaks of creating links between schools and industry. VISConti is a permanent space, very much in tune with the Generation Y natives of social networking and virtual profiles, that has now also gained ground in older generations. It will bring together students, teachers and science professionals working in enterprises in one social space for innovation and the validation of scientific creativity.

VISConti will not reinvent the wheel. VISConti will use the practice of project work and assessment that is used in most professional and vocational schools as its point of departure. We will create brand new on-line tools and criteria to assess project work and concepts in science and information technology. VISConti tools will enable the assessment and validation of the technical and economic viability of concepts behind projects. They will also enable the validation of scientific creativity based on a 360 degree spectrum of criteria for innovation and invention. We will use TTCT (Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking) as one means of assessing creative thinking.

VISConti will train teachers and open the minds of students and professionals to the full range of innovation possibilities, e.g. transfer of use, innovation in production processes, innovation in design and function and innovation for more sustainability or accessibility. This three dimensional assessment of concepts and projects will first be tried and tested in schools within the network. It will then involve professionals from enterprise in pilot activities to test VISConti tools and start up wider networking activities to expand and set our community of practice on an operational footing. In the later stages of our work programme, it will be opened up to a wider pool of beneficiaries to develop an EU-wide network of creators, innovators and Europe 2020 citizens.

VISConti tools and assessment methods will revolutionise the way project work is used in VET in science related subjects and IT. It will introduce new forms of permanent interaction between schools and enterprise at individual level, forming a community for students, teachers and science professionals. There is also, however, a higher level of innovation of VISConti . We are not just tapping the innovation and creativity in the minds of students. We are also instilling a sense of entrepreneurship, by giving users the opportunity to push their work higher up on the three assessment criteria, through continual improvement and reassessment.

VISConti players can choose if and when to publish their concepts and projects within the network. It will foster a culture of creating and improving one’s own profile either as an innovator or as a member of a network whose opinions on projects and concepts bring added value to the network and its members. It is a new environment in which students and professionals work towards innovation and better employability.

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