VISCOnti is more than a project. It is a network with three main aims :

- to generate a virtual community in which teachers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs involved in science, technology, IT and related subjects all become VISConti players, who propose ideas, carry out peer assessments thereof and build profiles in scientific creativity, whilst functioning as a community of practice;

- to experiment and create tools with which teachers in vocational schools may adopt a more structured approach to assessment of projects that students already create as part of their assessment and that later on these tools become common ground for peer assessment of ideas and concepts in the VISConti community of players;

- to produce a new generation of students and teachers in vocational schools having a culture of interactivity with professionals / entrepreneurs in the fields of science, technology, IT and related subjects, rather than occasional internships or sporadic job fairs and other events. 

Results will be shared with VET schools and teachers and there will be public events to raise awareness about the activities and results of the project in education and industry.

It had a first projected lifetime from 2014 to 2016 but it was conceived to live beyond this period to further the benefits of studies, experimentation and structured networking that will be taking place within the partnership. There is in fact already an extension of VISConti to take its work further in the UPPScience project that will make the Community Practice of VISConti larger, have more functions and cover a larger number of areas of study. It will extend to startup ideas assessment in the 2018.

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